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What is storytelling?

Learn from De 5 Gaarde who uses storytelling as a way to separate their products from others in today’s massive selection of food products.

Recently, storytelling has become a very common tool for companies in the attempt to reach the consumers. But is there a difference between storytelling and telling the story of a company?

Through storytelling you are able to create images that can make it easy for the consumers to relate to and thereby identify themselves with your products. By appealing to the emotions of the consumers, you give them an experience of being a part of the story.

One way to give consumers this feeling is by being completely transparent in the communication of the way your products are produced. Like us at De 5 Gaarde, some companies tell the actual story of how their products were developed.Other companies invent stories that suit their product because it was created by coincidence and thus the actual story might not be very appealing.

Separate your product in today’s jungle of food products

Today there are more products on the food market than ever before, and tomorrow will possibly bring even more. This means that the consumers have to consider numerous options before they buy a product. Therefore, it is essential for us and all the other food companies that we are able to stand out and create a connection with the consumers. As mentioned before, storytelling appeals to the emotions of the consumers and therefore it is a strong marketing tool.

Using the company history as a strategic advantage

The history of De 5 Gaarde started way before we produced our first product. Each of the farms have their own history, which is the foundation of our history. The owners had a goal of producing Danish quality products that were able to unite old virtues with modern agriculture.

Therefore, the strength of our products lie inour history. It taught us how to make products in a thoughtful and efficient way. Thus, we achieve great benefits for the farmers and high quality for the consumers.

I initiated this post by asking whether there is a difference between storytelling and telling the story of a company. To determine whether there is a difference you need to be able to distinguish between the two methods of communicating. Many consumers find it hard to separate the two. Therefore, they may perceive both ways of communicating as storytelling.

Irrespective of which of the aforementioned methods you use your purpose will perhaps be the same; you wish to sell your products. Therefore, you might consider whether I just told you about our story or if it was storytelling?

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Blog by Anja Sørensen
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