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Well-being as a global food trend?

Want to sell to the global consumers? Look towards well-being, the new global food trend. New analysis and first event in Danish Food Innovation, the official innovation network for food.

What does the global consumer want?

The short answer is “well-being” according to one of the researchers behind the analysis, which is conducted by the MAPP Centre at Aarhus University, who specialises in research on consumer behaviour within the area of foods and drinks.

”Within the last two decades, many food trends have revolved around the consumers’ desire for well-being. This involves physical health, emotional health, self-realisation, sustainability and taking care of our environment,” says Eksaterina Salnikova, Ph.d. student at the MAPP Centre.

Currently the researchers are still working on the analysis, and the final results will be published in a presentation at Danish Food Innovation’s first event called “Innovative products for the global consumer”.

The analysis will be the first one in the world to look at all trends related to well-being:

”This is the first study to cover all food trends related to well-being, which includes the three themes: Health, authenticity and sustainability,” Ekaterina Salinikova says, and according to her this is also the first time ever that food trends are explored on a global level.

The three themes, and in particular the theme “sustainability”, constitute the core of the two companies Seaman and True Gum, who will also do presentations at Danish Food Innovation’s first event.

Plants, trees and roots. These are the ingredients that True Gum’s chewing gum is made of – no plastic is added. And the exclusion of plastic is what constitutes the actual core of the Seaman brand:

“We strive to be 100 % plastic-free by 2019. We donate 10 % of our profit to the Danish environment organisation, Plastic Change, which means that the consumers buy more than just a product when buying our chips,” says the ocean-loving Heine Max Olesen, who is the person behind Seaman, and who in just five months has managed to put Germany, Austria, Switzerland, China, Sweden, Norway and Finland on seaweed chips’ export map.

But what about the consumers who love well-being. Are they all alike? Yes and no, according to Ekaterina Salnikova:

“Due to globalisation (with amplified effects of the internet, homogenisation of consumer needs and desires, and a wish for open markets), consumers want to belong to the global community. But at the same time, we also see consumers who reject globalisation and focus on the local environment. Therefore, we see a development of both common global trends and local region-specific ones.”

The global difference is something that True Gum has experienced, and which has had an effect on the company’s products and sales:

“We have experienced many things which have made us enter new markets. We have conducted product adjustments on an ongoing basis in relation to flavour. In Germany they for example do not have the same culture related to liquorice as we have in Denmark. This has boosted the development of new flavours so that we will not become too dependent on our liquorice flavour on the international stage,” says Jacob Sand Motzfeldt.

 Do you want to know more?

Then join the free event “Innovative products for the global consumer” on 1 March at Nestlé in Copenhagen, where there will be presentations by researchers from the MAPP Centre, the two companies Seaman and True Gum, and other interesting speakers.

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The event is relevant for small and medium-sized enterprises, but all sorts of companies and organisations are welcome.

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