Vejen leads the way in production

A central task for a municipality is to ensure that the business community thrives, develops and grow, because our society depends on that. In Vejen municipality they have chosen to focus particularly on the food production industry, and it must be said that they are successful.

Facilitator of the good conditions

Vejen municipality has become the hub of food production. The municipality houses some of the largest but also many small Danish food production companies, which employs 25% of the municipality’s citizens. It has generated a municipality with an experienced staff, easy access to qualified labour and also build up a strong community among the companies. Svend Aage Linde, managing director in Eurofins, which is situated in Vejen, sees great potential in being part of the production hub: “We consider our location in the food cluster a very positive thing. Many of our customers are nearby, and the network is very strong here.”

Furthermore, the development of the hub is especially strengthened through the municipality’s cooperation with the business association UdviklingVejen: “We support the production cluster for instance by gathering companies from the municipality with counsellors from knowledge institutions, research institutions and public authorities to inspiration events and in networks”, states CEO of UdviklingVejen, Ulrik Kragh.

A production hotel that helps small companies grow

One of the municipality’s latest initiatives is the project The Food Factory, which is for small food production companies to develop and grow. “The purpose of the project is to help small food production companies, who cannot afford or doesn’t have the opportunities to start up their own production facilities”, states the development manager of Vejen municipality, Peer Rexen. The factory will work as a production hotel, where companies can rent a space in the factory for a limited amount of time.

Moreover, Peer Rexen explains how the companies in The Food Factory can benefit from being part of the community in The Food Factory but also the food production cluster in Vejen: “The production companies will be able to, expand their network, receive constructional feedback from relevant individuals and cooperate with the other companies in the factory but also with the rest of the companies in the cluster.”

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