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The road to successful innovation

Successful innovation – how?

To generate new and successful ideas requires that you keep your finger on the pulse in regards to new tendencies and trends within the food industry. We try, when possible, to accommodate our products to the trends and tendencies of modern times. EASIS Nut bar is an example of a new product, which is in line with the gluten free trend and DTU Food Institute’s statement about the positive effects of a daily intake of 30 grams of nuts.

The ideas for EASIS’ products are generated on the basis of a hotchpotch of inputs from different channels. The innovation process is illustrated in the figure below.

The internal innovation process involves several of the company’s departments, and it is based on a close cooperation between sales, marketing, logistics and product development. We all have a burning desire to develop the best products, which constitutes the essence of our success. Currently we have over 80 different products on the market and a goal of developing 15-20 new products a year! 

The road to success

The source of EASIS’ success is, besides from a solid internal knowledge base, due to our ability to maintain a focus on innovation and the fact that we dare to take chances in a tight spot. We do not fear the risk of being “first movers”, which in several cases has entailed great personal and economic success.

We have always made a point of being true to our profile, which is why today’s consumer associates EASIS’ logo and products with reliance and high quality. Our brand awareness has concurrently with a targeted marketing effort and a larger exposure in the stores due to a larger product range, grown to 60 % amongst all women between 18 and 65 years old.

The company EASIS

At EASIS our primary focus is to develop food products to the consumer, who due to physiological causes need to reduce their sugar intake. Our marketing is also targeted other segments, who wishes to reduce their sugar intake, because these segments have been found to be ever growing.

We have defined a nutrition profile that differentiates us from other sugar-free products, as we have rules on what ingredients we replace sugar with. Moreover, our 15 years of experience has entailed that we have built up a large internal knowledge with regards to the development of sugar-free products.

We see a bright future for EASIS due to today’s tendencies and focus on sugar. By continuously staying true to our profile and our loyal customers, we hope to maintain our current momentum.

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