The network that leads to bigger things - Danish Food Cluster

The network that leads to bigger things

A bigger network, new collaborative partners and the latest industry insights – membership of Danish Food Cluster has been a game-changer for CruCon Analytics, says CEO Ole Strøm. Since joining, the tech company has gained access to many international opportunities, and it’s all down to the way Danish Food Cluster understands small entrepreneurs.

“We would never have had the opportunity to do all the things we have been doing these past years, if it had not been for our Danish Food Cluster membership”, were some of the words Ole Strøm used when asked about his opinion on the outcome of CruCon Analytics’ – a big data analytic, decision support, and market insight management company – membership of the cluster.

Going Danish Food Cluster is going global

Especially, the opportunity to gain new networks, both nationally and internationally, Ole Strøm believes is significant about a Danish Food Cluster membership.

I have met so many interesting people, who I would have never met on my own. The benefits are both the potential new business deals and partners but also generally all the inspiration you get from meeting new people”, said Ole Strøm about his participation in the GoGlobal Boot Camp in Tel Aviv, Israel, back in June. A bootcamp hosted by Danish Food Cluster and Innovation Centre Denmark.

Later, in September, Ole Strøm went back on a follow-up trip to Tel Aviv:

When I went back to Tel Aviv, I met a lot of the same people again and we got to continue our talks about collaboration, and it is just a great way to create new networks and get noticed and listened to as a Dane”.

Building bridges between small and large

One of the key values of Danish Food Cluster is to gather small, large, corporate, and knowledge within foods and create innovation. CruCon Analytics’ story is a good example on how this can become a reality.

To become a Danish Food Cluster member which includes being surrounded by some of the largest food companies has given us so much value and today, we are collaborating with IBM, and creating new technologies”, Ole Strøm explained.

Leading the way for the entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur with a newly started business, it may be difficult to find the way into the industry. However, according to Ole Strøm, a membership in Danish Food Cluster can be a helping hand leading in the right direction.

Danish Food Cluster understands what it is like to be a small entrepreneur and how though it can be in the beginning. They help us entrepreneurs reach the right contacts so that we can create something bigger together, and it is because of Danish Food Cluster we are now collaborating with IBM, which has been a game changer for us”. 

A place for everyone

In the beginning, CruCon Analytics, were not quite sure how they could benefit from the cluster, but they quickly changed their minds:

We are a tech company, and in the beginning, we were not quite sure how we would fit in Danish Food Cluster, but it quickly became clear that it is all about network and putting on the innovative glasses”, Ole Strøm explained.

In Danish Food Cluster, there is a place for everyone who work with foods one way or the other, whether you are a small start-up or a large mastodon. That is one of the things we at CruCon Analytics value about our membership” said Ole Strøm as a final comment on the value of a Danish Food Cluster membership.

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