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Finding the uncompromising green steak

Students and experts are going to help Procudan create innovative and tasty ingredients for plant-based products, so that the consumer can replace the meat without compromising.  

41% experience difficulties with switching into a plant-based diet of whom 57% does not know any alternatives that taste as good as the animal products, they usually eat. This is evident from a study from Voxmeter. So, even though the Danes are positive about a green diet, according to a study from Coop, it takes time to put it into effect.

That is why, the ingredient and packaging company Procudan, who has been a Danish Food Cluster member since 2014, seeks input from students and experts, in the open innovation event,,  on November 15 – A concept invented by Danish Food Cluster and this year hosted in collaboration with University of Copenhagen.

Meat, potatoes/rice/pasta, and some greens on the side.

That is how the consumers think, and that is a challenge:

The challenge with plant-based products is that when the consumers think of dinner, they often think of meat first of all. Therefore, one of the challenges concerned with choosing plant-based alternatives, is the expectation that it has to have the same taste characteristics as meat, for instance the crust that many people like on their steak” says Michael Bom Frøst, who is associate professor in Food Sensory Innovation at the Department of Food Science at University of Copenhagen, and who is also one of the experts on the Procudan case. And he continued:

“It is all about making it easier for the consumers and creating some products that they can relate to, and which are natural”.

At University of Copenhagen, they, amongst other things, test different types of fermentation, which according to Michael Bom Frøst:

”Increases the shelf-life of the plant-based foods and changes the sensory properties, which we should utilise more to increase the consumers’ accept of plant-based foods.”

And namely inspiration for new methods for plant-based ingredients is what Procudan hopes to get from

“We would like to get suggestions on how students and leading experts view the market for plant-based products, so that in the end, we can protect the environment and be more sustainable”, said Product Manager at Procudan, Martin Jakobsen.

A carefully selected expert-team and a group of four handpicked students within food technology, consumer behaviour, and nutrition will be gathered at to find solutions for Procudan’s case.

It is interesting to us to get inputs from someone who are maybe not always heard in the food industry, and the students look at the challenges with fresh eyes, and that dialogue and input can definitely be used in our work with food innovation and trends”, says Martin Jakobsen.

Four corporates are bringing cases for the event, which all fit under this year’s theme ‘Taste of Food Innovation’. Together with Procudan, Arla, Skarø Is, and Konnerup & Co all have cases with them, to challenge the students and experts. Besides being a helping hand for the four corporates, the students also fight to be awarded for the most innovative solution.

This year, Danish Food Cluster has teamed up with IBM, Central Denmark Region, DesignIt, Nestlé, Department of Food Science at University of Copenhagen, and Arla, and they are all cooperating partners on the event.

Would you like to know more about the InnovateFood event and the four cases from Procudan, Arla, Konnerup & Co, and Skarø Is?

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