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Sustainability is the new black among food entrepreneurs

The winner start-ups on this year’s European Food Venture Forum want to chance the world with everything from sustainable protein and packaging to beer-leftovers. And the Israeli delegation made a mark on the event.

It’s not enough to have a great idea and make money on it. The participants on this year’s European Food Venture Forum, which for the seventh year in a row took place in Aarhus, wants to contribute to a better world.

And the same goes for the eight winner start-ups, who was awarded on the final day of the event. Six out of the eight winners had a sustainable profile:

  • Cellugy (Denmark)
  • Circular Food Technology (Denmark)
  • Flying SpArk (Israel)
  • Plant Jammer (Denmark)
  • Efos (Slovenia)
  • Amai Proteins (Israel)

The Israeli start-ups, who participated this year’s European Food Venture Forum, as a result of the alliance between Danish Food Cluster and the Israeli start-up incubator The Kitchen – where the three start-ups run their daily business from. Two out of the three start-ups were among the finalists.

European Food Venture Forum, where Danish Food Cluster are among the supporting partners, can be a crucial next step for small companies:

“We participate in European Food Venture Forum, because we need capital to accelerate our transition into sustainable food packaging and for investment in new products. Here we can meet interesting investors with knowhow on food packaging,” says Gitte Haar, board member and Head of Development at one of the participating companies, KLS Pure Print.

There was spotlight on sustainability at this year’s event – an area that the participating meat manufacturer company Danish Crown Ingredients is very occupied with:

“We cannot and will not run away from the fact that we are a meat manufacturer, and we constantly seek towards more sustainability. And I think it is exciting to come here and see what is happening, new trends – and especially what is happening on the meat area,” says Jens Fabricius, Head of Business Development, Danish Crown Ingredients, which is organised under the subsidiary DAT-Schaub.

European Food Venture Forum took place 5. and 6. September in Agro Food Park and at the company Ernst & Young.

The eight winner start-ups:

  1. Cellugy (Denmark)
  2. Circular Food Technology (Denmark)
  3. Flying SpArk (Israel)
  4. Plant Jammer (Denmark) 
  5. Efos (Slovenia)
  6. Amai Proteins (Israel)
  7. VPCIR.COM (Denmark)
  8. Profound Actives Europe (Denmark)

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