Speed dating between companies and researchers results in food innovation

Potential matches were in sight at Sky Food Fair, part of the CPH Food project, which gathered start-ups, scientists and students within the food industry to find their perfect match and hopefully a collaborative relationship.

Wednesday the 31stof October the innovation love was on fire at the Sky Food Fair event, where start-ups, scientists, students and investors participated in a match making session.

The purpose of the event was to match businesses and scientist or students, and as a result, increase the degree of innovation. Moreover, the purpose was to break down the wall between industry and knowledge institutions for more collaboration, and that is one of the reasons why Danish Food Cluster is partner in the project:

Danish Food Cluster is partner in CPH food, because Region Zealand and the Capital Region of Denmark have a great potential for food innovation with many startups and strong knowledge institutions. Bringing the two partners closer together is a great example of collaboration for all of the food cluster,” says Lone Ryg Olsen, CEO, Danish Food Cluster.

As part of the event, which took place at DTU’s Foodlab, Skylab, the participants got a guided tour around the innovative facilities, followed by inspirational talks by two former CPH Food participants.

Indoor vertical farms from DTU’s food lab. Vertical farming is farming in layers and thereby optimizing space application. 

How does businesses benefit from participating in CPH-FOOD?

It is one thing to work with a new idea in your home kitchen, it is something completely different to develop the idea and to live up to the requirements of the Food Authorities. And it is essential for a start-up business without many financial resources to get the knowledge and especially the network that we got from being part of the project,”

Was a previous statement about CPH Food by Mayianne Malin Holm Dinesen, who got help from CPH Food with research on her kefir product last year, and also made a presentation at Sky Food Fair 2.0.

“Neccesary expertise, neccesary ressources and an optimization in the process”

That was a sum up of another presentation by Trine Aabo, and a sum up of how CPH Food contributed to her business, Particle Tech.

It is not the only snails that is the product to be sold but also the caviar from the snails – a new and expensive trend that Ditte Ankjærgaard from Danske Frilandssnegle is building her business upon. 

Making real slow food quicker

How can we optimize our snail production?

That was a central challenge to Ditte Ankjærgaard from Danske Frilandssnegle (Danish free-range snails), a participant looking for a collaboration partner to help her company.

And CPH Food may be the one who will solve her problem. As a result of the participation in Sky Food Fair, Ditte Ankjærgaard got in touch with CPH-FOOD, who matched her business with a scientist:

If our project gets approved, we will look forward to work with the possibilities of deployment and product development, plus to test shelf life and packaging, and whatever we can think of. It is about both microbiology and methods, so we are looking very much forward to get started.

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