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Column by Lone Ryg Olsen, Danish Food Cluster

By now we should have gotten used to it, but it still warms our hearts when international actors acknowledge Denmark as a center for food innovation. This time it’s one of the largest food initiatives of our time, EIT Food, which has announced the happy news: The initiative has chosen to place its first award ceremony in the Nordic region in Denmark’s second city, Aarhus.

With a number of Danish actors as hosts and the Food Festival as base, EIT Food distributes prizes and access to a European network for selected entrepreneurs.

It is, of course, nice for the eight startups who are selected to present on September 6th, and not at least for the two entrepreneurs who wins respectively 10,000 and 5,000 euros. But it is also a feather in the hat for Aarhus, when EIT Food chooses the city’s foremost food week as a run-off ramp.

This is not least due to a great effort from Aarhus University, which is the first Danish member of the European community for companies, universities and other knowledge institutions. Together, the group has secured one of the EU’s largest bags of money with the aim of making the entire European food cluster the leader of a global revolution in production and innovation.

Many of the funds go to new research, but EIT Food also wants to encourage entrepreneurs to take on food and find new solutions to the major global food challenges. In particular, the initiative is based on products, services or new technology that can provide a healthier lifestyle for all Europeans.

The EIT event in Aarhus is one of 17 similar prize celebrations around Europe, and Danish applicants can both be considered for the Danish event and for a number of others. However, the special thing about the event in Denmark is that a number of actors have joined forces to create a unique experience for the selected entrepreneurs, international judges, companies and investors.

Among them are Invest in Denmark, Food Festival and the innovation network Danish Food Innovation, that includes Agro Business Park, VIFU and Danish Food Cluster.

The event follows the international investor pitch competition, European Food Venture Forum, in Aarhus on the 4thand 5thSeptember – an event which last year gathered 30 entrepreneurs, 25 investors and 100 companies and experts. If you want to discover the most innovative entrepreneurial products, join European Food Venture Forum.

You can continue your innovative journey in the food landscape down to the largest food festival in the Nordics, Food Festival on September 6th-8th. A festival for innovative product testing, consumer feedback and business connections.

In between there will be a number of networking and matchmaking sessions between small companies and large corporates, investors and entrepreneurs, where we hope to sow many seeds that turns into flowers of collaboration.

In Danish Food Cluster we aim to make this a special week, where we gather all strong forces to create international attention on Danish food innovation – and create value for our members.

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About the author

Column by Lone Ryg Olsen
CEO, Danish Food Cluster


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