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Project Description

Company Description

The Danish Vegetarian Society (founded in 1896) is a non-profit organisation for vegans, vegetarians and anyone else who wishes to support a plant-based way of living. One of our primary goals is to advance the vegetarian lifestyle in Denmark and disseminate information about the advantages of cutting down on animal products – for the sake of humans, non-human animals and global sustainability alike.

We work within following programmes:

Policy & Lobbyism
• Developing policy proposals
• Building political support
• Improving nutritional guidelines
• Network with other organizations

Science & Data
• Sharing solid scientific facts
• Debunking myths in the media
• Science-based public lectures
• Surveys on consumer preferences

Corporate Collaboration
• Advising companies on trends
• Development of variety & quality
• Hosting networks and seminars
• Labelling products

Educating Professionals
• Inspiration for kitchen professionals
• Education for kitchen professionals
• Post-education for nutritionists

Children & Youth
• Children’s nutrition guides
• School workshops on sustainability
• Cooking classes at schools

Community Building
• Festivals & large events
• Local social activities
• Inspiring constructive activism

Company Dansk Vegetarisk Forening
Address Sortedams Dossering 55, 2100 København Ø.

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