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Company Description

Syngenta is one of the world’s leading agricultural companies with 28,000 employees in over 90 countries with two main types of products: seeds and plant protection.

Syngenta Nordics sells plant protection products and seeds to the Danish agriculture. We offer a wide range of products for agriculture, horticulture, fruit and berry cultivation and forestry, which fight fungal diseases, weeds and pests. We all want high quality food, a good environment and a good economy. In other words, we want sustainability.

We are working hard to create sustainable agriculture in the future and reduce climate change. The world faces a major challenge in feeding a growing population while at the same time having to do it in a sustainable way and take responsibility for our planet.

Company Syngenta Nordics A/S
Address Strandlodsvej 44, 2300 København

+45 32871100

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