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Project Description

Company Description

Sønderjydsk Kål produces cabbage for both private and business. We cook and chop fresh cabbage from the plant breeders. With us, quality is paramount, and here we do not compromise. This is how it has been since its inception in 1974.

Sønderjydsk Kål has evolved to be one of the most well-known branded products from Southern Jutland and is sold in leading supermarkets across the country.

Cabbage processing is very seasonal and we employ between 6 and 9 employees in production.

At Sønderjydsk Kål we are environmentally responsible. All cabbage waste from our production returns to the field as nourishment to the soil. It is natural for us to look after nature and thus also the environment.

Sønderjydsk Kål produces not only for retail but also for other packaging industries by appointment.

Company Sønderjydsk Kål ApS
Address Hirsevej 19, 6100 Haderslev


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