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Company Description

Primoreels A/S was founded in 2008, but has its roots from a filling machine company with more than 60 years of experience within the dairy industry.

Primoreels has become an established partner for manufacturers in the dairy sector and the water/juice industry with a reputation for timely, high-quality, intelligent solutions, that satisfy our customers

We bring the dairy packaging to next level in terms of efficiency and lower total cost. Today the Primoreels® system is successfully installed on numerous high capacity machines around the world, and we can also allow clients having old filling lines to enjoy the advantages of the system, as we are able to provide stand-alone units, which are applicable on to almost all existing filling machines – no matter the brand and year of origin.

We are proud to be the supplier to well-known companies like Arla Foods, Danone, Lactalis, Ülker and many others. Primoreels® is BRC certified since 2017 and present on 4 continents.

Company Primoreels A/S

Skimmedevej 10, 4390 Vipperød


+45 59454358

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