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Company Description

Plougmann Vingtoft specializes in all aspects of patents, trademarks and designs and is one of Denmark’s largest and highly regarded IP consultancies. Our client portfolio includes prominent, global companies across a wide range of industrial sectors, not least the food industry.

We pride ourselves on delivering extremely high quality patent drafting and prosecution, always tailored to the individual client’s needs and expectations as well providing highly professional consulting for our clients in opposition and litigation cases. Our highly qualified Trademarks & Legal team have year-long experience in representing clients from all around the world.

Also, our clients benefit from our commercialization experts in tto, who specialize in technology transfer, business strategy, market analyses, and technology driven business development. tto has a track-record of more than 50 projects for universities and 40 projects for the industry.

Our international profile spans Europe, and we have a huge global network of cooperation partners. This means we can service clients directly or indirectly in any part of the world.

Company Plougmann Vingtoft
Address Rued Langgaards Vej 8
DK-2300 København S
+45 3363 9600

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