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Project Description

Company Description

Nordisk Tang ApS. is a Danish-based company engaging in a great variety of activities which involve growing, harvesting and making product with seaweeds.
Our aim is to add Umami taste to a broad range of products such as pestoes, spices, mustards and so forth. Apart from the great taste seaweed adds to our products, we also focus on the health benefits of eating seaweed.
Seaweed contains a lot of minerals, natural salt and Omega 3, 6 & 9. Moreover seaweed contains antioxidants which helps obtaining the free radicals in our body.
We work in close collaboration with universities, food organisations and interest groups in order to refine the taste and to exploit and explore the benefits of seaweed, as such we are also a knowledge-bank in regards to the usage of seaweeds in our daily life.

Company Nordisk Tang
Address Åstrupvej 35
DK-8500 Grenaa
+45 22 44 24 45

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