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Project Description

Company Description

Plant & Food Research is a New Zealand science company delivering products, IP and technology designed to grow competitive advantage for clients in the horticulture, wine, cropping, seafood and associated high value food sectors worldwide. The company has over 600 specialist research staff based in New Zealand and Australia, as well as global relationships with leading academic institutions and R&D companies.

Plant & Food Research:
→ combines traditional breeding with modern genomics techniques to develop better cultivars faster
→ uses knowledge of biological systems to meet market access and phytosanitary requirements
→ delivers tools to industry that minimize the impacts of production systems on the environment while optimising yield, quality and economic performance
→ delivers tools and systems that enable full bioresource utilization and minimize waste
→ is discovering the intrinsic benefits within plants and marine life and delivering natural goodness in food


New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research

Address 120 Mt Albert Road
Sandringham, Auckland 1025
New Zealand
Contact +64 6 953 7700

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