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Company Description

Mousing Consulting provides ad hoc managerial and process support in several business process areas with public-private collaboration and partnerships as particular area of expertise.

The modality of operation is tailor made to fit exactly the individual client’s needs. Thus, we can take full control of an entire project including bringing-in necessary external competencies; or we can establish and drive an ad-hoc process that is partly or fully integrated into the client’s systems and staff.

We are fully focused on providing value for the client by maintaining a strict business perspective for the client’s customers and stakeholders. We are committed to ensure thrust and speed in the processes and to deliver in time and in high quality.

Mousing Consulting is owned and operated by Jan Mousing, PhD, who has substantial both top-level and startup managerial experience mainly in the agri-food innovation business and in regulatory matters.

Clients are all served by Jan Mousing either on his own or by Jan Mousing in collaboration with partners in adjacent business competence fields.

Company Mousing Consulting
Address Helsingørvej 8, 3480 Fredensborg

+45 51 33 73 95

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