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Company Description

Kontekst Kommunikation is an agency with solid experience of large Danish and foreign companies.

We have sat on both sides of the table and know how things work. Both on the executive board and among your stakeholders. With your business and your context as our point of origin, we create attention-grabbing campaigns and solutions that add value to the bottom line. Both the black and the green.

We utilise a combination of best-practice and creative innovation as our basis when we develop strategies, campaigns and material. We also see a virtue in a holistic approach that strengthens the relationship with both internal and external stakeholders.

We are happy to help you all the way from strategy to execution, and we know what it takes to create a powerful combination of branding, marketing, PR and digital communication when needed.

Our network of strong business partners in Denmark, Scandinavia and Europe allows us to quickly put the right team together and effectively coordinate efforts across different countries.

Company Kontekst Kommunikation
Address Stockflethsvej 35
DK-2000 Frederiksberg
Contact nab@

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