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Project Description

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About Konnerup & Co.

Filled with a passion for flavor excellence, simple ingredients and superior quality, Konnerup & Co is a chocolatier above all the rest. It is this passion that drove conditor and chocolatier Henrik Konnerup in 2003 to begin his dream of making chocolates of the highest quality which can ensure that every piece tastes and is produced to the highest specifications.

Ingredients and Flavors

Only the finest ingredients are sought after for Konnerup & Co’s production, where freshness and quality are the basis for creating a genuine classic. This desire to master true chocolate classics has given way to new flavor combinations such as pine needle, coriander, and even apple balsamic pairings, striving to find the perfect balance of innovation and inspiration.

Our Beautiful Home

Konnerup & Co has made its home in a 101 year old inn in Vester Aaby, Southen Fyn which we have fully renovated into a modern production workshop and boutique. Here you can take a glance at our daily production while enjoying some of our many specialties including freshly churned ice cream in the summer and new chocolate surprises all year long.

Company Konnerup & Co. ApS
Address Svendborgvej 399, 5600 Faaborg

Tel: +45 62292725

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