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Initiated by the relatively recent rediscovery of the ancient chia seed, House of Originals was established as Original Chia in Denmark in 2009. The company was the first in Europe to achieve permission under the EU Novel Food regulation, to import and sell south American chia seeds in the EU. Since the establishment of Original Chia, the company has developed into one of the key players on the European chia market. Chia and other products are sold in Denmark, Norway, Spain, Italy, UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Turkey.

In 2016 Original Chia was divided into two individual companies – a retail and a whole sale company. While the whole sale company continues under the name Original Chia Wholesale, the retail division changed its name to House of Originals, communicating that it was no longer JUST about chia seeds.

Company House of Originals
Address Agro Food Park 13
DK-8200 Aarhus N
+45 71998850

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