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The German Institute of Food Technologies (DIL) is located at the heart of Germany’s agriculture and food industry. A very well-established team of around 160 experts has been developed in connection with the institute over the past three decades. The team taps new potentials every day and paves the way for innovations. With more than 150 member companies from the food industry and related fields, DIL operates as a research institute working in the areas of product development, process development and analysis.

The institute’s competences and technical capabilities span the full range of food technologies. This expertise is put into practice via the institute’s organizational structure, which is divided into interconnected research platforms and business divisions. Forming a bridge between science and practice, DIL supports its partners in the innovation process.

Company German Institute of Food Technologies
Address Professor-von-Klitzing-Straße 7
DE-49610 Quakenbrück
+49 (0)54 31.183 – 0

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