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Project Description

Company Description

Over more than three centuries and multiple generations, the Frijsenborg farms have accumulated the necessary experience to run a modern, efficient and sustainable operation.

Frijsenborg chickens are raised under good conditions and without the use of antibiotics. They have ample space and access to fresh air in a protected, roofed environment.

Minimizing the overall CO2 footprint is a key priority as part of our core commitment to preserving the environment for future generations. The Frijsenborg Biogas plant converts litter from the chicken barns, along with straw and crops from our own fields, into gas. Byproducts from this process are used in turn to fertilize the fields.

Sustainable farming is only possible with constant consideration of the impact farming has on nature. At Frijsenborg, high quality standards and sustainable thinking go hand in hand.

Company Frijsenborg
Address Linen 62
DK-8450 Hammel
+45 8696 1400

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