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Project Description

Company Description

DeliDrop is a food platform for B2B and Horeca, created for Danish microprocessors and food startups within the convenience food & beverage segment.

Our mission is to create a platform that makes food purchasing and food business easy and attractive.

Our vision is a common platform that enables B2B and Horeca to serve customers and employees demand for day-to-day delivery of unique and new product experiences in terms of taste, quality and product innovation.

At the same time, we offer the food business a platform that is easy and efficient, with minimal time and financial investments. We enable the organisation to handle a larger portion of their value chain themselves, by offering an IT solution that introduces a single-channel e-commerce platform, inventory management, ERP integration, logistics, etc.

Company DeliDrop Co. Launch Holding ApS

Vilhelm Becks Vej 8, 8260 Viby



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