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Company Description

The Danish Yeast Factories (De Danske Gærfabrikker) is a subsidary of the privately owned and Canadian based company Lallemand. Our core activity is development, production and marketing of Yeast and Bacteria … and their derivatives. Lallemand is a leading player within its businesses and employs around 3500 people around the world. The Danish Yeast Factories is based in Grenaa approximately 60 km from Aarhus and employs 90 people that are busy producing yeast and yeast specialities. The products produced are used in baking, wine, food and feed applications. The factory faces significant growth within the yeast specialities area and to meet the growing demand a doubling of the production capacity is ongoing.

Company De Danske Gærfabrikker – Lallemand
Address Bredstrupvej 33
DK-8500 Grenå
+45 8758 2400

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