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Project Description

Company Description

De 5 Gaarde is a concept and production collaboration between the 5 estates and farms Constantinsborg, Frijsenborg, Gyllingnæs, Schackenborg and Wedellsborg. De 5 Gaarde derives from a wish from the owners to process the good raw materials from the farms to high quality products at a fair price to Danish consumers. The first products were sold in 2005.

Production mainly focuses on plant breeding – including cereals, rapeseeds, seeds – chicken breeding at Frijsenborg farms and milk production at Gyllingnæs.

To ensure the high quality, all the farms are GLOBALG.A.P. certified – a seal of quality for worldwide good farming. Products from De 5 Gaarde are honest products with an earth to table concept.

Company De 5 Gaarde
Address Havnen 1
DK-8700 Horsens
+45 4282 0999

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