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Project Description

Company Description

Danfond operates in the meat industry, where we develop and source products for human consumption, feed, pharma and bioenergy, in separate business areas.
We source raw materials for further meat processing in various industries, and add value by searching international markets for new products, high quality and suitability at the right price.
Our by-product division has as its mission to make optimal use of all animal by-products and as such Danfond is integrated in the circular bioeconomy. We provide tailor-made logistical solutions, including own freezing facilities and cold storage.
We have offices in Sønderborg, Hanstholm and Lyngby (DTU) in Denmark and in Lyon, France.

Company Danfond
Address Nørrekobbel 7B,
DK-6400 Sønderborg
Website http://www.danfond.dk/
Contact danfond@danfond.dk

+45 74 42 01 38

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