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Company Description

Berrifine A/S is a family owned company based in Denmark, with branch office in China. We have more than 40 years of experience within the growing, sourcing and processing of conventional and organic quality fruit, and fruit-based products. Berrifine combines the experience in the global procurement of industrial fruits with the new generations´ approach to the dynamic business and industry. We offer a wide range of fruits within the following categories:
• NFC Juice
• Puree
• Dried Fruit (air and freeze dried)
• Concentrates
• Extracts
• Sugars and sweeteners
Berrifine outsources it’s production worldwide to the fruit growing hotspots and use approved, audited, state of the art processing factories. To ensure access to high quality fruit, Berrifine collaborates closely with selected Universities, Plant Research Centers, Nurseries, and growers around the World.

Company Berrifine
Address Kærup Allé 2
DK-4100 Ringsted
+45 57675005

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