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It all began in 1878 at Nørrebro in Copenhagen Denmark..

Back then Christian Wad Bang established the company BANGS Marmelade, from where he produced cold prepared jams and preserves.  The company grew, and a 100 years later it was the grand child Bent Bang who lead the production of the cold prepared jams and preserves after the companies own recipes and always with a high content of fruit. 

Since then, a lot has happened, and today the company is run by Ulrik Lehmann and his two sons Frederik and Carl Gustav.

We have always gathered around great taste experiences and recipes in our family. That is how all BANGS products have been developed through the times – through tasting and discussing our recipes around the dinner table – and that is how we still develop new, innovative products. Common for all our products are there for always the good recipe and high quality. That is what we believe, is what is essential to create great experiences through tasteful products.

A few years ago, BANGS launched a series of Ginger Beverages as the first on the Danish market, and shortly after the small 60 ml. Ginger Shots, which you today find in the bag and fridge of both young and adults.

In spring 2018, BANGS launched 3 organic variants of the small Ginger Shots – without added sugar and without concentrates – ideal as a natural part of an active life.

BANGS – great experiences through tasteful products

Company Bangs A/S

Frydenlundsvej 30, Byg. S, 2950 Vedbæk


+45 4576 7300

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