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Alsiano is a leading supplier of ingredients, raw materials and additives for a wide range of industries. For 60 years we have cooperated with leading manufacturers of ingredients, chemicals and additives. We have long experience and a strong tradition for delivering competitive solutions that meet or exceed our customers’ requirements, adding important value to their business.

Alsiano Food department offers a broad range of ingredients and raw materials for the food industry in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland. We work together with more than 20 innovative and professional manufacturers of food ingredients, who are specialists within their own area.

Alsiano’s product range comprises a versatile line of food ingredients ranging from sweeteners, proteins, and fibres to blends and mixes. We offer a broad range of ingredients for fat replacement and sugar replacement and are particularly strong within ingredients for clean label food formulation.

Our application specialists, who have both a technical and commercial background along with practical experience from the food industry, are the creative force of Alsiano Food and act as problem solvers and generators of new product ideas.

Alsiano is part of the ProviNord Group which also includes Kryta, manufacturer of spices and blends, and Grathwol, distributor of packaging solutions.

Alsiano is BRC certified.

Company Alsiano
Address Blokken 21
DK-3460 Birkerød
+45 45 82 82 22

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