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No more burning your fingers on heavy expenses 

It helps the smallerst players in the industry from kitchen to production and save money for the medium players. The food industry has a new helping hand. And that is how we develop the industry, according to serial entrepreneur.  

Expensive production equipment, electricity, heat, and water followed by a number of faulty productions, which turns the products into garbage rather than money.

You can seriously burn your fingers and the wallet as well on fixed costs when you are a small start-up producer. However, a new online platform has come to safe you. Its name is Food Finder Lønproduktion, and Danish Food Cluster and Business Region Midtvest are behind it.

Food Finder – Lønproduktion gathers those who want to rent parts of well-established productions, and those who want to avoid excess capacity.

“In my opinion, the Food Finder platform is a very good idea. I wish we would have had the same opportunity when we first started, so that we did not have to buy all the production equipment ourselves, as it is expensive. It can really break small companies and to us as a renter, we want to help start-ups, and then we also get a much more efficient capacity utilisation”, says Kristian Ottesen, CEO at Nordisk Tang, which is amongst the 100 corporates that rent out their production on the platform.

The match between the small and the fully established is great for the industry, according to Aqua d’Or’s founder and now founder of the beverage company WiSH by SEiMEi, Allan Feldt:

To gather the experience with the wildness, courage, and ideas of the youth, that is how we improve Denmark; A great deal of the nation’s income and export comes from foods. The Food Finder project is a good example on that: That well-established companies rent out their space, ressources, and guidance for the green start-ups. Anyways, I think that we should help each other to further the small and green”, Allan Feldt points out, who also rents out his production through Food Finder Lønproduktion:

We are really missing some places where you can have a real production without it being too large”.

Besides avoiding excess capacity and earn a buck, there is also other advantages with renting out one’s production:

I am an entrepreneur myself and I want to help companies that need help in the beginning. Besides that, it is exciting to meet young people with great ideas – it makes me keep a finger on the pulse”

Even more help for the industry

You may recognise something about the name Food Finder. That is because the platform also contains to already established elements: One is to help SMEs gain an overview of the many offters in the industry conserning funding, collaboration and incubators, and one that seeks to help food companies find re-education courses for their employees. You can find everything on


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