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New technology will nudge us out of the corona crisis

Danish Food Cluster member, Bunker43, has launched a new technology that will help the Danes improve their hand hygiene. A product that is a godsend in the middle of the corona crisis.

30 percent of all employees and patients at hospitals wash their hands after a visit to the toilet.

The number is from a study conducted by Rigshospitalet. A surpricing number – especially in the middle of a crisis, where hand hygiene is in focus.

But help is coming. The name is Cleana. A simple and pushy technology.

Cleana is a simple setup. When a person walks by the hand disinfection a small sound appears and an arrow lights up to guide the person to the hand disinfection. Cleana also says thank you, if the person uses the hand disinfection. All are small steps to nudge people to take a certain action. It’s a simple setup, which is necessary, since you only have one to two seconds to catch the person, who has his or her mind somewhere else,” explains Kristian Kondrup Maul, CEO at Bunker43.

Picture: Bunker43

People are better in Jutland and in the morning

The backend system of Cleana collects a lot of data for you, so you can learn everything about people’s hand hygiene.

All this data can help the company or institution to know, how they can improve their hand hygiene. If people are lacking in the afternoon, this is where they need to set in,” says Kristian Kondrup Maul.

A 70 percent improvement in hand hygiene

Cleana actually started three years ago, when Bunker43 were asked by a municipality to help improve the hand hygiene at a public school. A project that led to surprising results:

We created a system that were to nudge the children to wash their hands after a visit to the toilet. The technology increased the number of kids washing their hands from 11 to 80 percent,” says Kristian Kondrup Maul.

High demand for Cleana

Only a few days after the launch, Bunker43 has experience a high demand for their brand-new product:

We were on the national television channel TV2 the other day, and we already have 12 orders. Moreover, we have received a high interest for the product – an interest from different industries and both from the private and public industry. For instance, the facility service and retail are very interested in our product,” says Kristian Kondrup Maul.

If you are interested in knowing more about Cleana, you can contact Kristian Kondrup Maul at 22 46 08 85 or

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