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New taste on its way down your shopping basket  

Column by Lone Ryg Olsen, Danish Food Cluster

Food innovation from the Eastern Jutland is everywhere on the Danish festivals, and the best one is right around the corner.

How about some caffir and a coffee-bread on the side?

There are no holds barred when it comes to getting the beautiful people on Skanderborg’s yearly festival, named Denmark’s most beautiful festival in short Smukfest, to refresh themselves in a healthier and more sustainable way. At ‘Verdens Besværligste Kaffebar’ on Smukfest, Peter Larsen Kaffe and friends experimented with fermenting the black drink and mixing it with kefir – which should be great for hangovers – whilst the leftovers from the production will be added in bars and bread.

The coffee lovers from Viborg are not alone when it comes to using the summer festivals to head in new directions and get the consumers’ unfiltered feedback.

Pure Shots from Aarhus, who went from being a small entrepreneurial business to an international success, for instance used this year’s Smukfest to launch their new luxury shot called Lemonade.

And this is only the beginning. Whilst the summer is almost officially over, one of the largest food events is right around the corner. The Food Festival opens for more than 30,000 guests next week at Tangkrogen.

”  As a citizen in Eastern Jutland it might be comforting to know that what we do is well respected outside our own little bubble.

It is a festive event with the hotdog championship as one of the highlights every year. However, it is also the beginning for many new food innovations, which may land in your shopping basket soon. Take for instance ISH, who introduced alternatives to alcohol last year such as Ginish and Rumish, and served alcohol-free welcoming drinks at the festival’s opening dinner. After that ISH’s production started and the products are now sold in 1,500 shops in four different countries – and they have more news coming up. And what about Seaman’s seaweed crisps, which were presented to an audience last year and now they are sold in both Danish, Dutch, and Norwegian chains. Not to mention Flydende Urter, who was on the Danish entrepreneur TV show “Løvens Hule” in 2018. Today, their small glass bottles of liquid herbs can be found in regular grocery shops.

Things are moving in the industry and at the Food Festival, which has also been noticed around the world. This year, one of the biggest initiatives in the food industry right now, called EIT Food, has chosen to place the initiative’s innovation competition in Aarhus on the Food Festival. This is of course pleasant for the nine new start-ups chosen to present on the opening day, Friday 6 September. Even more exciting for the two of them who will win €10,000 and €5,000. It is, however, also a pat on the shoulder for Aarhus that EIT Food has chosen the city’s main food event as their setting.

This is particularly due to a great effort from Aarhus University, who is the first Danish member of the European community for businesses, universities, and other knowledge institutions. Together the group have ensured themselves with one of the EU’s largest sums of money, with the aim of making the European food cluster leader of a global revolution within production and innovation. A lot of the money goes to new research but EIT Food also wants to encourage entrepreneurs to throw themselves into the food industry and find new solutions for the great challenges within the industry. The initiative is especially seeking products, services or new technologies that can provide all Europeans with a healthier lifestyle.

To you as a consumer, it brings new solutions and flavours to your shopping basket. And as a citizen in Eastern Jutland it might be comforting to know that what we do is well respected outside our own little bubble. 

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About the author

Column by Lone Ryg Olsen
CEO, Danish Food Cluster


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