New funds for growth

Future Food Innovation has opened up for three new funds of financial support. The three funds addresses SME’s with innovative ideas. New products, growth and increased revenue are among the results from former projects from the consortium that includes Danish Food Cluster. 

Future Food Innovation works to create growth in the Danish food industry. The three new funds addresses companies, who wants to create innovation and with it growth and jobs in Denmark. The three funds are named FFI POP, FFI Differentieringspuljen and FFI GROWTH. The choice of fund depends on what stage the individual company and business idea are at.

FFI POP addresses those, who wants to test an innovative business idea. FFI Differentieringspuljen are for those, who wants their business idea to reach the prototype stage. In contrast to the other funds, FFI GROWTH focuses on developing concepts and improving the growth potential internationally.

Great former results: Growth and increased revenue

Future Food Innovation’s former development cooperations have produced many good results. An evaluation performed by COWI for Future Food Innovation in 2015 demonstrates that the initiative has enhanced the participating businesses. 56 percent expects that their participation will improve their growth potential, while another 21 percent states that this improvement already has occurred. In total the participants expect that they within the coming two years are able to increase revenue with approximately 93 million Danish kroner and export with 21 million Danish kroner, while they expect to expand their staff with a total of 129 full-time employees.

Additional offers from Future Food Innovation

Besides the financial support, Future Food Innovation offers other services that helps develop the potential of companies. Future Food Innovation helps with the internationalisation of companies, supports health promoting projects and facilitates innovation through different activities.
You can read more about the different offers here.

Behind Future Food Innovation is a consortium with Agro Business Park, Department of Food Science and MAPP Centre at Aarhus University, VIFU, Technological Institute, Danish Food Cluster and Business Development Centre Central Denmark.

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