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The never-ending chase: Keeping up with consumer trends

A physical supermarket adapting to a digital consumer. A meat company adapting to a non-meat movement.  Danish Supermarket Group and Tulip, speakers at A Great Day for Food Innovation, are fighting to keep up with consumer trends. 

How do you find the sweet spot between quality and indulgence?
How does a physical supermarket adapt to a customer that lives in a digital world?
How does a meat company stay relevant within a green movement?

All three questions are current issues for respectively Pure Shots, Danish Supermarket Group and Tulip. All three companies will be presenting how they deal with issues in relation to adapting to new consumer trends at Danish Food Cluster’s event  A Great Day for Food Innovation.

In the global market consumer habits are changing fast, as new foods are introduced, new technologies evolve and as sustainability take up more and more space in the media. According to Nina Preus, Consumer Sociologist at the Danish Agriculture and Food Council, the following trends will dominate 2018:

Important trends of 2018 take root in consumers’ desire for good health, transparency, sustainability, and convenience. In Denmark and the rest of Europe and North America, we will experience a growing interest in plant-based food and drink, a desire to avoid food waste, clean food without additives, a desire for a more tailored diet, and interest in the further development of the concept of food as medicine.”

Food producers need to be still more innovative to keep up with the fast pace of their customers and new market trends. As a meat company Tulip cannot just look the other way, when it comes to the growing green movement:

In Denmark vi see an emerging trend around flexitarianism. Especially younger consumers are eating smaller portions of higher quality meat, introducing meat free days or looking for new meat alternatives. At Tulip we want to ensure that meat stays relevant, but we also want to offer consumers alternatives to meat. We want to meet the trend with new meat products, but at the same time we want to be relevant in situations, where consumers would normally choose a meat product, but now want green products,”says Mette Schacht Færch Senior Director, Marketing and Innovation at Tulip.

Danish Supermarket Group and their physical stores need to embrace a customer with a more digital mind-set:

Internationally we see trends, where some countries manage to create new products, platforms and brands online, and thereby increase the added value, and others simply move the money from their physical store to their online platforms. We want to learn from this in order to create added value in our online presence,” says Michael Mørk, Head of Ecommerce Grocery at Dansk Supermarked Group.

Together with Tulip and Pure Shots the three companies will give a short presentation on the issues at Danish Food Clusters annual event, A Great Day for Food Innovation, which will take place on March 15th 2018 at the beautiful Pompeii Hall at Carlsberg Academy.

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