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Why a network about meat?

Muscle Based Food Network was established in February 2013 as a new network for all with an interest in muscle based foods (meat and fish) and technology related areas.

Our mission is to contribute to renewed acceleration of research and innovation within meat, fish and technology related areas. Also, we want to provide YOU with the best access to knowledge, insights and opportunities. We aim to be a key networking and inspirational epicenter of the muscle based foods area.


  • 2 thematic events a year with lectures, debates, demonstrations or other activities
  • Professional networking, new contacts and new inspiration.
  • Direct access to cooperation with research and development.
  • An improved flow of knowledge between research institutes and the industry.

Who can join the network?

EVERYONE, who shares our interest in research and innovation within muscle based foods (meat and fish) can join the network.


Stay updated for coming activities.

Previous events and presentations

The network is coordinated by a committee

The network is coordinated by a committee involving representatives from 3 universities (KU, DTU and AU), Danish Meat Research Institute and 5 companies representing pork, beef, poultry, food security, ingredients and equipment/measuring methods.

The committee meets two times each year to plan the network events. If you have ideas for events or would like to join the committee, you are more than welcome to contact the secretariat.


Chairman: Ass. Professor Jette F. Young from Aarhus University

Secretary: Consultant Fie Vesterled, from the Danish Agriculture and Food Council (mail: ).

How much does it cost?

A membership of the Muscle Based Food Network is FREE, but occasionally, a small participation fee in relation to specific events can be applied.

The secretary service of the network is financed by SAFKAF and FAF, and the chairman commitment is supported by Future Food Innovation.

Want to know more, or receive the invitations directly, send an email to Fie Vesterled,

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