What are the megatrends in the food sector?

Collaboration and openness will be the main drivers of innovation in future of the food sector.

This was one of the main takeaways from two very inspiring presentations at 75 Golden Minutes on Megatrends in the food sector, held on February 23 in Agro Food Park with presentations from SEGES and IBM.

The evolving global demography sets new premises for the demand of the future. Groups of customers will grow due to a longer living, and formerly poor countries will evolve into important markets based on the global growing wealth.

This was part of William Schaar Andersen’s presentation as special consultant in SEGES, where he also pointed at the growing demand for specialized high value products, that will request new collaborations and new value chains.

In relation to the presentation by William, Kim Escherich, IoT Innovation Architect in IBM presented the technological perspective on megatrends. And from his point of view, there are a lot of technologies already existing that could change the food sector and the way things are done.

As an example he highlighted the use of weather data to forecast production and demand from customers of specific products. Information that potentially can create value for both manufacturers, retailers and consumers – parts of the entire value chain.

Sharing of data and information will become an important factor to keep up with the developing demand for new and specialized products. This led to the introduction of Blockchain, an opportunity for companies to transact and share data with less friction and more trust to create products of potentially a higher value.

What if customers could be presented for perfect information about their specific needs, making it easier to take the right decisions when choosing what to buy? And what if food manufacturers could produce individual specialized products, knowing where and when they are needed?

The many interesting and inspiring perspectives presented at this event was great input for the participants to network and create new connections across the food sector.

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