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Do you need help establishing contact with a company or organisation within the Danish food cluster? We are ready to help you. Our members represent 75 % of the turnover within the food industry, and through our member index and our large network within the food cluster, we can help you find the right person and help you make the first contact.

Are you in search of a company with a particular competency or within a particular profession in the food sector? We can guide you to the company or organisation that is your perfect match and provide you with the right contact.

“Danish Food Cluster facilitated the initial contact with Danish Supermarket Group with whom we have an excellent collaboration today.”

Lisbeth Ankersen, Innovaconsult

“Our membership of Danish Food Cluster means that we have come into contact with organisations we did not know before. Partners have also discovered us through Danish Food Cluster.”

Kristian Ottesen, Nordisk Tang
of Danish Food Cluster’s members say network and knowledge sharing is valuable

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