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At Danish Food Cluster, we see ourselves as a link between research and industry, and we want to bring all exciting and relevant research closer to the industry so that companies can benefit from it. One way we try to do that is through our Masterclasses.

Every Masterclass has a specific theme, and we gather interesting and relevant researchers that can enlighten us on the chosen subject.

Read more about our previous Masterclass on personalised nutrition here.

Previous masterclass subjects

  • Circular economy and sustainability

  • Personalised nutrition

I attended the masterclass on sustainability in food production. I thought it was really interesting as it gave a new perspective on how approaching and assessing sustainability in the food system. This is interesting from an R&D perspective as the assessment will be required in the next year for funding submission and from an industry perspective it was really interesting and relevant. Therefore, we are considering implementing some of the knowledge from the masterclass and/or putting colleagues scientist in contact with the lecturers.

Nicolas Bordes, The New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research
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