“Many of us are dealing with some of the same challenges”

First roundtable in Danish Food Cluster, a fruitful experience says one of the participants.

At the roundtable was Martin Hansen Talent Acquisition Manager for EMEA at FMC and he appreciated his first interaction with Danish Food Cluster and the other participants.

“It was a good experience meeting other representatives from the industry and the food branch, sharing knowledge and talking about common challenges. It seems that many of us are dealing with some of the same challenges and I do think that meeting in such forums can be a fruitful experience for all participants”

On April 6th the first roundtable in Danish Food Cluster was held about Global Talent. The roundtable was organized together with Foodjob and took place at FOSS in Hillerød where HR people from all over the sector was gathered to discuss the issues about attracting global talent to the Danish food sector now and in the future.

This roundtable was the first one to be held in Danish Food Cluster, but at the moment more roundtables are already scheduled. Asking Martin Hansen about the effect of such concepts he said:
“We can benefit quite a lot from learnings that some of the other companies and representatives in the roundtable have done in the recent years, especially within the employer branding and Talent Acquisition area.”

The subject for this roundtable was Global Talent, a subject that is of high priority in many of the large enterprises in Denmark.
I think that people both in Denmark and people within the sector in other countries needs to get more awareness about Denmark’s position within this industry and the vide variety of STEM and science based opportunities that are within the food and agricultural sector in Denmark” says Martin Hansen about the challenges we face in Denmark regarding the attraction of global talent.

Martin Hansen argues that there is a great potential that is unused be sharing knowledge and experiences with each other in the Danish food cluster;
“Sharing of knowledge and experience is for sure something we can benefit from. Moreover, we can also draw more attention towards the sector if we join our forces and voices.“

This roundtable will continue its work focusing on employer branding at their next meeting.
For more information about roundtables, ideas for new roundtables or interest in joining please contact Lone Ryg Olsen.

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