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How to make the Danish food industry sexy

Research reveals image troubles for the food industry. In Denmark KMC and FOSS, speakers at Danish Food Clusters event A Great Day for Food Innovation, work to overcome challenges with recruitment through a good reputation and a great mission. 

Among the biggest but not among the most attractive.

The fast-moving consumer goods industry has the largest amount of jobs to offer, but doesn’t make it to the top five industries students prefer to work within, according to a large international study with 294,663 business, engineering and IT-student respondents, performed by the acknowledged research and consultancy company Universum.

In Denmark the food industry is not more popular among students. Research by Universum asking 14,830 Danish students shows that the fast-moving consumer goods industry isn’t part the list of industries Danish students would most like to work within after graduation.

Faced with this challenge how do the Danish food companies attract the educated talents?

Despite a small HR department consisting of only one person and a placement far from the universities, KMC is successful in recruiting the right people. According to HR manager at KMC, Eva Remmer Søndergaard, the secret to their success is spreading the good story about the company:

We have built a good reputation locally. And we make a real effort to visit universities and attend different events and inform people of KMC and the benefits of working with us compared to working at larger corporations, for instance. We also see great value in collaborating with students on their master thesis.”

The international tech company FOSS placed outside Copenhagen is in competition with their international neighbours in recruiting especially engineers to the company. A great mission and a strong employer brand position is the key to recruiting the best employees, according to Michael Almer, Senior Vice President of HR & Sustainability at FOSS:

At FOSS we seek to contribute to the sustainable use of our planet’s agricultural resources. We are among the technological market leaders. So as an employee at FOSS, you are part of something bigger. And we put great effort into communicating this externally.”

Work/life balance and flexibility is the solution to attracting the students, as this is a key value for students in a future job.

Flexibility is definitely an attractive element for me in a future job, and the opportunity to work remotely at least part of the time would be of great value to me, since it would make it easier to balance my personal life with my professional life” says Mirna Estrada, originally from Alaska but currently taking her Master in Arts in Cognition and Communication, at the University of Copenhagen.

Work/life balance as the top goal for the students is also the crystal-clear conclusion from both the previous mentioned international study and the Danish study by Universum.

KMC and FOSS will present the issues at Danish Food Clusters annual event, A Great Day for Food Innovation, which will take place on March 15th 2018 at the beautiful Pompeii Hall at Carlsberg Academy.

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