Is agriculture, F&B behind on the digital S-curve? - Danish Food Cluster xvideo xnxxx xvideos sex movies indian porn porn300

Is agriculture, F&B behind on the digital S-curve?

//Is agriculture, F&B behind on the digital S-curve?

Is agriculture, F&B behind on the digital S-curve?

Yes was the answer, in global terms agriculture is behind on the digital s-curve.

On April 18, 2018 Danish Food Cluster and ABB hosted this seminar on digitalisation in food production.

Tech director Per Larsen at ABB gave insights on digitalization and a look into the future opportunities for digitalizing the food sector. On the other hand Johnny Krogh Sørensen from Chr. Hansen introduced another perspective from the manufacturers that the dinosaur on the ground is keeping the production running while digitalization is the hot air balloon in the sky – how do we close the gap? This question was part of the discussion before entering ABB’s showroom with the opportunity to try the VR technology.

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