Innovation and a united front is needed in the food industry

Innovation is a key part of the future food industry, but how do we create and increase innovation? Collaborative innovations, a united effort and digitalization is part of the solution.

We as an industry need to drive better utilization of food and there is a need for value chain innovation and cooperation to make it happen

This was one of the points made by Michiel Kernkamp, CEO of Nestle Nordic, in the opening presentation at A Great Day for Food Innovation. According to Michiel the need for utilization of food is important and even more important is a united front by the food industry, if we are to reach the UN sustainable development goals – in particular goal number 12.3; to halve global food waste per capita at the retail and consumer level by 2030.  

After Michiels opening presentation the rest of A Great Day for Food Innovation continued in the name of innovation. Next up on the agenda was The Food Innovator Award – the honouring of an innovative soul from the industry. A strong field of candidates was nominated for the award, but in the end the entrepreneur Poul Agger was awarded Food Innovator 2017. Read more about the Award and the winner here.

After lunch, the participants could choose between two exciting parallel tracks with the themes:

  • Digitalization within food – what is the next IT revolution for food manufacturing
  • Improve your innovation – how to get innovations to the market and doing collaborative innovations

To enlighten us about digitalization within food Steffen Petersen, Sales Manager at Arotek, talked about how to make food safety and quality systems proactive rather than reactive.

Anders Otte Jørgensen, Business Unit Manager at ABB Robotics, continued the digitalization track, where he talked about how far ABB have come with digitalization within food and beverages.

Application Specialist Mads Weine from Dupont and Global Category Director Arun Prabhu from Arla made two inspiring talks about how they deal with innovation within their company.

Mads presented a project that Dupont has been working on in cooperation with Aalborg University, where they had to develop targeted nutrition products for the elderly.

Arun talked about Arla’s successes and fails in relation to innovation, where one of his points were: “If it was easy somebody else would already be doing it”.

To wrap up the conference with a bang, Allan Feldt made an presentation about his entire life story from selling water coolers, to running the successful Aqua d’or till today running the company SEiMEi that produces sustainable juices.

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