Innovation and collaboration developed everything out of nothing

Like a magic spell, numerous food products, skin care products and building materials all came out of one green plant. The magician is Møllerup Brands and their recipe is innovation and collaboration.

From being used to make robe for the Nordic Vikings, to food products like mustard, beer and granola to skin care and building materials and maybe medicine in a future Denmark.

Starting their journey only back in 2015 with the first products on the market in 2016, how did they get there so fast?

First is to mention a great and competent team. Second is collaboration with great partners. At Møllerup Brands we are not afraid to collaborate, because through partnerships we can draw on the expert knowledge from the individual partners, and create a product that succeeds,” says Henrik Rendbøll, direktor at Møllerup Brands.

Hemp mustard produced by Nordisk Tang, hemp blueberry muffins from Easyfood, hemp beer produced by Ørbæk Brewery and hemp bread mixes produced by JAN Import are only some of the products.

Henrik Rendbøll in the hemp fields surrounding Møllerup Estate.

And when it comes to collaboration the food industry needs to step up, according to Henrik Rendbøll:

There is not enough collaboration in the Danish food industry. To many does everything by themselves instead of partnering up with a company, who has the competence, they themselves are missing.”

From classic agriculture to hemp – the shift at Møllerup grew out of being in a pressured industry:

The Danish agriculture business is not always a thankful one to be in, and therefore we felt the need to think out of the box,” says Anne Sophie Gamborg, owner of Møllerup Estate.

And as a bonus they settled on a kind of superman within crops, as it is full grown in only 139 days and even without pesticides the weed has no chance.

But the hemp marked is not without competition, and in order to survive Møllerup Brands went with a 100 percent sustainable strategy:

In order to compete with the large players in the Baltic and China and at the same time give our farmers a nice pay, we need to get as many sources of income out of the plant as possible,” says Henrik and continues:

We use the entire crop, lock, stub and barrel. The entire seed is used for food products. For instance, we press the seed for oil and use the tailing to make protein flour and fibre flour. The leaves are sold to Germany, and we are looking into using the hemp stem for building materials,” says Henrik Rendbøll.

The eight glasses illustrate the eight different products Møllerup Brands produce from the hemp plant. 

The hemp magic from Møllerup Brands does not go unrewarded having three products out of a total of nine nominated products for the “Hemp Product of the Year 2018” honor, which is awarded at the European Industrial Hemp Association conference in June this year.

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