Esben Laulund, chairman of the Danish Food Cluster board, handing over the award gift, a picture especially made for the winner, to last years winner Lasse Hinrichsen from the insect company ENORM. 

Honouring the sustainable food innovators

The untiring plant innovators and the responsible frontrunners. The nominees for this year’s Food Innovator Award work to make Denmark and the world more sustainable.

Ambitious environmental certifications, social responsibility and green ideas.

The nominees for the food innovator award 2019, hosted by Danish Food Cluster, is a tribute to all those who mix food innovation and sustainability.

Sustainability and the UN’s 17 world goals are dominating the agenda and it is a crucial driver for innovation, which also becomes clear when looking at who the members have nominated,” says the chairman of the Danish Food Cluster board, Esben Laulund.

They are not the largest of size, but yet their ideas are.

This year’s nominations are a recognition of the small and medium-sized companies and those who contribute when it comes to putting Denmark on the world map. One of them is the company KLS Pureprint, who were the first in Northern Europe to get the ambitious environmental certification “craddle-to-crave” and the first to be a CO2 neutral printing company.

Another one is Peter Larsen Kaffe, who set up the first coffee farm in Northern Europe in order to investigate how the coffee bean could be exploited in a better way. And from green responsibility to social responsibility – Peter Larsen Kaffe’s has several projects in Africa that are supported by Danida. The social responsibility is also one of the reasons why the innovative food spirit Per Mandrup are among the nominees – among other things, for his innovation procedure for mentally weak citizens at the Culinary Institute by Vejle Erhverv.

Going from the medium-sized to the small ones. Among the nominees, we find the newly established company Soup Neards who, with their meat-free soups, opened up the people of Aarhus’ eyes to what takeaway can be like. Within the area of green ideas, Naturli’s Innovation Manager, Jan Lund, has been nominated. Jan Lund is behind Pip-fri – the first alternative to chicken, made from the protein in peas, and which has been very popular so far, and in demand from retailers from all around the globe.

Food Innovator Award is a personal contribute to those men and women who make a difference for food innovation in the Danish food cluster every day. The prize is sponsored by Marel who sees a great value and strength in the cohesion that Danish Food Cluster facilitates within the food industry:

Danish Food Cluster is a powerful gathering point for the food business, and it is a melting pot for knowledge sharing, collaboration and innovation. Marel sees great perspectives in Danish Food Cluster as a gathering point, speaking tube and a representative for the food industry, which is why we are proud of being able to contribute as sponsors at the Food Innovator award. This year, the sustainable innovators are praised within a great and important area that still needs the entire industry’s attention. At Marel, focus is, among other things, on helping the industry to reduce the use of both water and power, increase food safety and also keeping a focus on the coefficient of utilization in relation to the raw material that is processed in our solutions,” says Henrik Ladefoged, CEO at Marel Denmark.

The nominees at Food Innovator Award 2019:

  • Jan Lund, Innovation Manager, Naturli’
  • Michael Hübertz, founder of Soup Nerds
  • Kirsten Tvedemose, co-owner of Tvedemose
  • Gitte Haar, Development responsible and board member, KLS Pureprint
  • Lars Aaen Thøgersen, Innovation manager, Peter Larsen Kaffe
  • Per Mandrup, CEO at Culinary Institute by Vejle Erhverv
  • Jens Legarth, CEO, Fermentationsexperts
  • Lars-Henrik Lau Heckmann, Head of Section | Insect & Protein Technology, Danish Technological Institute
  • Peter Toft, Owner, Toft Care

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