A Great Day for Food Innovation 2017

A Great Day for Food Innovation 2017, took place in Agro Food Park, 16th March. It was a day of networking, inspiration and celebration.

The main event of the day was the award ceremony, where the Food Innovator Award was handed out. To read more about the prize and who won, click here.

The event was held in front of a full house, with almost 130 participants from companies all over across the food industry. The event was meant for networking and inspiration towards more innovation in the food industry and was in that regard a huge succes. Nestlé opened the debate with a presentation from Michiel Kernkamp, where the topic was food waste. Eliminating the “Think” in the food value chain, was the main point of a very inspiring presentation. Kernkamp has a huge passion for this topic himself and has spent a great deal of his career trying to innovate processes in order to minimize food waste. Now based in Denmark, Kernkamp has been around the world in the Nestlé organization and his passion about the topic shone bright.

A networking lunch with delicious food prepared by the chefs at Agro Food Park made it possible for participants to meet new people. All participants were placed at tables in order to create some interesting matches amongst the participant. It will be exciting to see if any future cooperations will blossom from this networking event. The talk was lively and people enjoyed the food as well as the company.

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