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Picture: One of DeliDrops delicious breakfast offers

From B2B to your front door 

Danish Food Cluster member, DeliDrop, has decided to make the best out of the corona-crisis. A crisis that has put a temporary end to their usual business and made them rethink their concept.   

Turning the whole business around

DeliDrop used to deliver delicious drinks and snacks from start-up companies to hotels, cafés, and restaurants. But, the Covid-19 pandemic put a complete end to that in an unknown period of time. Therefore, the B2B company decided to turn their whole business around.

We decided that we could either sit back and wait or we could start doing something to make the best of this unfortunate and difficult situation”, said Rasmus Linnet, CEO at DeliDrop, and continued:

We have turned our business upside down and instead of only supplying the Horeca segment with all the great products that food start-ups offer, we are now providing private costumers with the opportunity to get and enjoy all these delicious products at home”.

Virtual friday bars and breakfast at the front door

The wholesale business had to start from scratch and make a name for themselves in a costumer segment that until recently was an unknown territory.

No one really knew us, so we had to make an effort on for instance social media to spread the word and make private costumers know who we are. And suddenly, we saw an interest both from private costumers but also from different companies that wanted to spoil their employees a little extra in these difficult times with delicious snacks and drinks for their virtual Friday bars”, said Rasmus Linnet.

But it is not only snacks and after-work drinks they offer. DeliDrop’s employees also drive around in Aarhus and deliver breakfast kits with freshly baked bread, juices, coffee, and tea produced by Danish start-up companies. Their latest addition is their Mother’s Day package, which is designed to make every mother feel special.

A new business opportunity

Even though this new concept is working well for DeliDrop, they are, as many others, missing ‘business-as-usual’.

We are looking forward to getting back with our usual business and delivery to our B2B costumers. But we are also in the process of researching how we can potentially optimise our delivery to private costumers and the opportunity to continue delivering all the amazing start-up products as widely as possible”, said Rasmus Linnet.

Regardless of how this new business concept will end or continue, Rasmus Linnet believes that the company has learned something from this experience:

We have learned that as a small business, we actually have the opportunity to turn our whole business around in order to make it fit into a situation that has threatened our survival. Not to say that everything has been easy, not at all, but we just decided to try and turn the whole situation around and make something positive out of it”.

DeliDrop was founded in January 2019 by Rasmus Linnet and Inge Muller, who left a position as VP in Lego Group to join the company.

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