Formation of a national cluster organisation within foods and bioresources

The boards of the most central food network in Denmark: Agro Business Park, Danish Food Cluster, Nordjysk FødevareErhverv, and Videncenter for Fødevareudvikling have decided to start a process which is supposed to result in a national cluster organisation within foods and bio resources.

The food sector constitutes a central part of the Danish positions of strength. This is both measured through employment, export income, and sustainability. Thereby, the basis for securing a single and efficient ecosystem for the future’s corporates in food clusters is secured.

In respect to the clusters and networks that take part in the process, we will take the necessary time to clarify future frameworks. The goal is to have researched all opportunities and provided a basis for a decision for the general meeting in spring 2020.

Read more in the Danish press release

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