Forget about diets that don’t work

What does personalized nutrition mean for businesses, individuals and the food industry in its entirety?

What works for you when it comes to diets, might not be working for your neighbor or even for your brother or sister. It all depends on your metabolic type and how your body responds to the food you eat. Something as simple as a blood sample might hold the answer. Personalized nutrition is a big part of the future within the food industry and will become a huge business opportunity, if you know how to utilize it.

Research conducted by University of Copenhagen and a number of other universities such as University of Colorado, has done extensive research in the field of personalized nutrition. The impact this research will have on people with diabetes or prediabetes, as well as other lifestyle diseases, is enormous. We are not talking a few extra kg’s pr. year, we are talking six- to seven-fold greater weight loss. Prof. Arne Astrup says:

These findings are particularly important as they allow us to provide those with prediabetes a custom strategy to help them lose weight, which can ultimately prevent diabetes.

And what type of segment are we then dealing with? How many is actually predisposed to diabetes?

With 750.000 people in Denmark having prediabetes, and 320.000 people having diabetes, the problem has doubled within the past 10 years. To underline the extent of the problem, 30% of the people with prediabetes, will develop diabetes within a three-year period. A diet specialized for your personal blood-level and metabolic type, resulting in weight loss of just 5-10%, can delay or even prevent development of diabetes among high-risk adults. It is a huge market and one that is growing.

Danish Food Cluster invites everyone to be a part of Masterclass on Personalized nutrition and health, with Prof. Arne Astrup from University of Copenhagen. This Masterclass will be the first in a series of Masterclasses with focus on various aspects of the food industry. The Masterclass will take you deep into the world of personalized nutrition and what it means for the future of the food industry. How can you use it in your business? What does it mean for you personally? What does it mean for the food industry as a whole?

The two hours of deep insight will be presented by Prof. Arne Astrup, who has many years of experience within the medical world and the field of nutrition. Along with scientists from Boston, he and the University of Copenhagen have discovered new biomakers that easily identify which diet is the optimal one for any individual.

The extent of the problem is impossible to ignore. Personalized nutrition is the answer to the problems in the future and it is just getting started. It is going to shape the future of the food industry and play a huge role in the medical world in the coming years. Personalized nutrition is the answer to many of our lifestyle issues, and now is an opportunity for any business to jump on the train before it takes off for real – Prof. Arne Astrup


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