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The Danish food cluster is filled with great stories. Foodpod Denmark is set out to tell these stories – about the people behind them, the many and great collaborations in the cluster, and about an industry that makes a difference in the world.

Foodpod Denmark is a podcast that tells the rarely told stories about the passionate, innovative people in the Danish food cluster. And to the founder of Foodpod Denmark, Cath Mersh, CEO at Cath Mersh Communications, it was the people who got her interested, and the fact that they truly make a difference:

Many companies talk about their knowledge and products, but not about the people, I want to tell the story about the people – behind the scenes,” says Cath, and continues:

And the exciting thing about these people is that whether they are making healthier food or more sustainable food, they are in some way or the other making a difference in the world.”

According to Cath, collaboration is a key and unique characteristic of the Danish food cluster, and that is something she wants to tell through her stories:

There is so much collaboration in the Danish food cluster – also with actors that you wouldn’t consider part of the food industry, and these are the stories that I focus on, because I find them really interesting – and there are also many of them to tell.”

Through her podcasts Cath also works to paint the great employer branding picture of the industry:

Many companies are struggling with employer branding and attracting people. The food industry is much more than bakers and butchers, and I want to paint the picture of the many exciting food jobs out there.”

So far, four podcasts have been created: The Get Well Sherbet, The Student Challenge, Healthy Chicken Business, and the fourth that was recently released, Bottleful of Dreams. This podcast episode is the story of the three small producers, Pure Shots, Cold Hand Winery, and Norhlund – all working to put Nordic beverages on the world map.

Arla and a poor vet from Senegal
In the loop of Foodpod Denmark is the story about a vet from Senegal who started a yoghurt business to help the poor dairy farmers and now collaborates with Arla Ingredients who help him produce more and better yoghurt.

Cath Mersh has two key people working with her on the podcasts: Johnny Kühn, who is responsible for all the audio and graphics, and Jan Sejersen, who does the hosting and social media.

Currently Foodpod Denmark has no sponsors, but they are hoping to find organisations, who want to sponsor an episode or the initiative.

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