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Through Danish Food Cluster’s Food Innovation Talks(FIT), we want to provide members with knowledge and insight, but most of all we want to inspire!

Food Innovation Talk is a platform where members can share their expertise and get increased visibility internationally.

Food Innovation Talk is a 30 minutes live stream and a dynamic presentation.
We want to introduce you to experts within the Danish food industry. During each FIT you will have the opportunity to interact with the presenters, and start a dialogue afterwards.

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See the Food Innovation Talk with Danish Food Tech Group bringing insights live from FOODTECH 2018 in Herning, Denmark – send on November 15, 2018.

Food Innovation Talks archive – For members only!

Our Food Innovation Talks will be available for everyone 30 days, hereafter only members of Danish Food Cluster can get access to our archive of Food Innovation Talks.

For members – you can get imidiate access by registering here. 

For non-members – join Danish Food Cluster and get access to all of the previous Food Innovaiton Talks.

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Previously held Food Innovation Talks

What is the future of blockchain in the food industry?
The basics in blockchain
Why and how is it interesting for the food sector?
How is the expected usage of blockchain in 5 years?
Food allergens – how to avoid food recalls
How to assess the risk of food allergens?
Best practices for avoiding allergen recalls.
Allergens and food labelling.
New trends in preserving food – Bioprotection 2.0
Which microorganisms are in food
Methods, procedure, next generation sequencing
What is Bioprotection 2.0 about?
Food fraud – vulnerability assessment and authenticity testing
Examples on previous findings
How can companies secure their business from Food Fraud?
What can be done to prevent food fraud?

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